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Aslak Vidar

CEO of sales & marketing

Consulting & creative challenger

He has experience with autism, management, company development and is a pattern breaker.

He knows how it feels when life is hard or hurts. It is a knowledge that he uses successfully when he is in contact with and works with people who need sparring - mentally, company crises or just ordinary development.

He challenges you with questionsl ...

Yes, that's right, with questions.


He does that to move you. Aslak is highly gifted autically and, with his different thinking mind, has the ability to see and point to areas that professionals normally cannot see or solve the problems. He often thinks out of the box.


Therefore, you will find that Aslak assesses your company, the working environment and the structure in a wondering and questioning way, with the intention of working with you to find answers that strengthen you, the employees and the company in general.


He has been through a life filled with all kinds of pain, stress and panic that a human being may be exposed to. He has fought his way through. Learned to use the tools he has acquired positively and now lives a successful life.


His experiences mean that he has great understanding when he meets people with challenges. He quickly finds the trust that leaders and professionals can have difficulty in gaining, and with that he can open up most people and develop them in their lives and in their work and work routines.


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