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Bertel Rüdinger

Everyone is capable of developing a mental disease, but how can we as society, as a workplace or an individual avoid the development of mental ailments? 


Can we organize our lives and activities in such a way that we can both be present in the Now and the Here and also encompass our own feelings and those of another human being?


Many of those who develop mental illness have been exposed to mugging or exclusion from social societies. All of them has also have had at last one traumatic experience, but even so has managed to get on for a while without support, until new problems occurred that made their everyday life implode.


How can we as individuals, colleagues and organizations help create an including and acknowledging environment, thus increasing everybody’s mental health?

Bertel Rüdinger is the only pharmacist in Denmark who has combined his expertise within the biological field behind psychological ailments with working within social psychiatry, where he has kept a steady focus on prophylactic work and treatment of mental diseases so that his patients can recover from their ailments and thrive again.


Bertel himself has taken the roller coaster all the way from the sunny side with a good education, an exciting job and a swell apartment to sitting without any initiative in a small bedsitter in an institution for people on permanent social benefits. He has also taken the swing back again and today finds himself busy with work, in a lovely apartment and a life full of exciting activities.


Both Bertel’s introductory presentation and his consultant activities are therefore a unique mixture of a high professional level and personal experiences.

Bertel has a strong personality  in combination with his education and work experience. He knows how to keep the social focus  and those who meet him will experience how he is capable of giving support and guiding you towards finding your own strength.     


He works with individuals, collegues and organizations from private enterprises to management and leadership in businesses and municipal organizations. Postive psychology and achknowledgement are at the utmost importance throughtout.  

  • From early retirement pension to becoming a succesful person running your own business

  • What is it like to hear inner voices?

  • Can everybody recover from mental illness?

  • How can we prevent stress?

  • Positive psychology and acknowledgement – a way to personal growth

  • Social communities

  • Support for people with mental illness and their relatives

  • Self-help groups as a social community 

  • Self-help groups for people with mental illness

  • Self-help groups for relatives for people with mental illness

  • In-depth guidance concerning medication


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