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Carl Honoré

Apart from being involved in Philoso?hies at several levels as our SLOW philosopher and consultant Carl Honoré is an internationally acclaimed, highly accredited and award-winning journalist, writer, consultant adviser and lecturer.


He is one of the key people behind The Slow Movement and has for many years worked with Fast & Slow in a way that may help everyone, be it individuals or business enterprises with finding the right pace and thus prevent stress, depression, burn-out, estrangement and MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction.


He travels around the world giving lectures and holding seminars at conferences, strategy forums, company events, universities and other educational institutions. He participates in speaker panels and willingly lends his time and energy to interviews and questions from audiences. He speaks to groups comprising everything between a few participants and up to four thousand.

You can hire Carl for fixed subjects or more improvised ‘keywords’ as the starting point of a lively lecture or you may hire him for subjects that are relevant to your particular branch of business or organizational work.


There are lots of possibilities in arranging a meeting with Carl Honoré, which will give you and your associates positive innovative ideas and angles of approach. Parents or people working with children may likewise benefit from his expertise.  


Carl lives in England and is ready to give lectures or arrange workshops wherever you want him to.


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