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Use philosophy to raise your business bottomlines

Yes, that's right - with philosophy.

Philosophy is anything but fluffy talk, and in fact you can create great value in your business with philosophical sparring.

Philosophy can, among other things. create value because:

  • we challenge your existing setup so that you become absolutely sharp on values ​​and priorities.

  • we ensure that employees can provide valuable input and feel heard.

  • we raise awareness of your ethical standpoints.

  • we prevent potential crises and conflicts.

  •  we ensure that management and employees understand each other better.

I help both companies and municipalities with philosophical advice. I focus on questions and answers. And the answers should always be used in practice. Although it is philosophy, focus is always on concrete results. Results that come from a better use of the potential already there.


I offer philosophy to companies in several ways:

  • Sparring partner for individuals

  • Sparring partner for groups

  • Or as the entire company's house philosopher, where I visit you 2-4 times a month through a course of eg 4-6 months

  • Teaching and courses


I observe, ask questions and note answers. We conclude your course with a report on progress and further actions.


Curious to hear more?

Please contact me by phone or e-mail, and we will return your challenges and opportunities completely without obligation.


Rune Schjellerup

CPO - Chief Philosophy Officer

Consultant & Educator

Owner & CEO


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