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Mette Weber

In addition to being a part of Philosophies' team within the health / hospital services and the parental area, Mette Weber is a globetrotter, author, family and conflict supervisor, coach and health nurse.

She advises parents, educators and teachers to be attentive to where they are at in the present and move when they need to. In this way, they prevent stress, build good relationships and strengthen children's self-esteem and confidence in the families and institutions.


Mette feels like a citizen of the world. Has lived 17 years away from Denmark - 5 different places in the world. Here she became aware of the importance of time. The importance of being aware of ones attention, conscious presence and focus. She uses these experiences with her global mindset when she holds workshops and lectures.

Mette Weber is passionate about character strengths, flow and creativity. She writes as therapy - has written over 400 blog posts over the past three years.

She knows that change and anchoring must go hand in hand if we want to create a good life. She talks about the good life from cradle to death.


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